Less-Than-Truckload is our specialty

LTL Transportation from California to Canada

Our freight system was built for LTL

Southwest Connection’s less than truckload system is more than customized; it’s the professional way to ship LTL. We ensure your LTL will arrive on time and in one piece. Our shipping experts arrange only the best solution for your needs with the utmost care for efficiency and cost.

Straight Truck and Liftgate/Tailgate Deliveries

We specialize in dry van LTL service using straight trucks, as well as can easily accomodate liftgate/tailgate deliveries. Offering daily service from California and the US southwest we regularly provide LTL transportation for customers shipping hardware and building supplies, dry food products, electronics, liquor products, automotive, giftware and more.

Strong Southwest Terminal Network

Our network of strategic US terminals provide an advantage to shippers looking for a strong southwest presence in Los Angeles and San Francisco. We also have terminals in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada as well as Phoenix, Arizona. In Canada, our terminal network provides access to all the major cities coast to coast including Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal, Toronto and Halifax.

The Benefits of Southwest Connection LTL

  • Highly experienced and efficient LTL service
    throughout from California and the US Southwest to Canada
  • SWC Canada - qualified driver network
  • Regular service throughout east coast
  • Regular daily service from California, Nevada and Arizona
  • Straight truck deliveries and liftgate/tailgate deliveries
  • Cross-dock facilities in the US Southwest and Canada
  • Experienced staff with custom solutions for all forms of freight